I Am Grime w/ Jammz & Jack Dat

Next episode Tuesday 19 June 2018

Jammz and Mic Ty are the guys behind the I Am Grime Show, coming together from Hackney and Newham. You already know that it’s going to be 100% grime – but it’ll also explore many corners within that umbrella. Jammz is the head of the I Am Grime label and works closely with Local Action records, but he and Mic Ty made their names by relentlessly visiting pirate/ Internet radio stations on a weekly basis for years. They’ve been up and down the country, from station to station, and “murked every show.” It’s fair to say that without these two, the Pirate Radio landscape from 2014 onwards would have looked very different. Get ready for undiluted grime sounds, and a “window into where the genre is heading. Radar Radio for life init.”

On Air Now11:00 pm - 1:00 am